Battery Returns January 1, 2014

Lithium batteries purchased directly from LITHIUM STORAGE (“Direct Sales”) will be subject to the LITHIUM STORAGE Limited Consumer Warranty in addition to the following:

Batteries returned for warranty evaluation must follow this procedure:

  1. Obtain a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA) from LITHIUM STORAGE customer service person at (801) 466-9213.
  2. LSI will provide packaging instructions. Follow the instructions and ship the battery with a copy of the original battery purchase sale receipt to LITHIUM STORAGE.
  3. LITHIUM STORAGE will evaluate the request and either:

Approve the claim and send a replacement product, or deny the claim and recycle the battery in question. Customers may request the battery to be returned subject to paying freight and handling fee including all shipping and packaging costs. LITHIUM STORAGE batteries used in abusive service, deep cycle, or car audio applications, or without a quality BMS, are excluded from warranty coverage.