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  • A basic comparison of Lead-Acid batteries to Lithium Batteries

    A basic comparison of Lead-Acid batteries to Lithium Batteries

    This article is not a scientific paper targeted to chemistry or electric researchers. It is intended as an introduction for potential users or even to the interested public community. If somebody should get more interested in that technology through this article: at the end of this Article there are a number of links which lead much deeper into this technology.

    Undoubtedly Lithium Energy Storage Technology will have a great future. The actual standard already enabled the electronic device industry to develop products which ten years ago where unimaginable. The rise of Apple like the Phoenix out of the ashes was only able after products like the iPod where able to be developed due to miniaturized and stable battery technology. Apple is only an example. Others like Google, Blackberry and Samsung owe a large portion of their revenues the interesting Chemistry of Lithium – Ion Technology they use in their products.

  • PonyQ Overview

  • Receiving Shipments

    Congrats! The Lithium batteries the you ordered have finally arrived at your door. You excitedly sign for the shipment and begin gleefully opening the boxes (like a kid on Christmas) to admire your new stuff. Then maybe you call your spouse or a friend with the news and afterwards visit your project and carry the boxes over to it and begin staging and positioning the battery system components. An hour or so later you notice there are no busbars to be found. Or maybe you are missing four cells. Stepping back, you notice one of the crates appears damaged and it missing a foot/leg. Or one or more of the cardboard boxes appear repaired or are visibly damaged in some way (tears, holes, crunched corners, etc.). This situation just occured today and prompted this article.

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