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Battery History:

It is believed that the first battery ever created was sometime around 200BC, two full millennia before Alessandro Volta’s first electrochemical cell in 1800. The ancient batteries were found around 1940 in Iraq. A simple copper sheet formed into a cylinder with an iron rod suspended in a clay pot full of vinegar to produce an electrical reaction that was most likely used for electro-plating jewelry. This early battery produced about 2V. The battery was named the Baghdad Battery.  

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A basic comparison of Lead-Acid batteries to Lithium Batteries

This article is not a scientific paper targeted to chemistry or electric researchers. It is intended as an introduction for potential users or even to the interested public community. If somebody should get more interested in that technology through this article: at the end of this Article there are a number of links which lead much deeper into this technology.

Undoubtedly Lithium Energy Storage Technology will have a great future. The actual standard already enabled the electronic device industry to develop products which ten years ago where unimaginable. The rise of Apple like the Phoenix out of the ashes was only able after products like the iPod where able to be developed due to miniaturized and stable battery technology. Apple is only an example. Others like Google, Blackberry and Samsung owe a large portion of their revenues the interesting Chemistry of Lithium – Ion Technology they use in their products.

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