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Lithium Storage enjoyed a great opportunity to have a booth in first EVER PrepperCon event back in April locally here in Utah.PrepperCon is now the Nations largest Preparedness and Survival Conference. We were among 143 exhibitors engaging nearly 12,000 people in attendance at the event. http://www.preppercon.com/

Below is our booth before just before opening to the public. We showcased the new PonyQ product and used one of them to run our five LED backdrop lights and laptop (playing a commercial video loop). The PonyQ product powers those for 18 hours on a single charge.



Lithium Storage is excited to present at the Start SLC Pitch competition. Please visit www.startslc.com/pitch. Then scroll down the page to the Pitch Competition Schedule and click on the date option: Wednesday January 21st. In the third column, nine rows down, you will find our video pitch link titled: "Lithium Storage". Watch the video and vote for us!

You are welcome to join us at Church and State on the 21st at 2:40PM for our eight minute pitch and Q&A. It's located at: 370 S 300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 and you can find it online at: www.cs1893.com.

The video guidelines required a scant 60 second clip without any music or post-production effects. You can watch our pitch on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=24v2Y8gQGik



When your kid writes a quick "persuasion" homework paper using one of your company products:

Benefits of using Lithium batteries in a golf cart (instead of Lead-acid batteries)

Everyone love riding in a golf cart! Whether you are using it to play golf or simply to ride around your suburban neighborhood, it’s always an enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, using a golf cart can become expensive. The energy costs can be very high. Luckily, you can make a simple change that will save you money. That change is switching out your lead-acid batteries in exchange for lithium batteries. As you will see, lithium batteries are superior in every way. There isn’t a better way to fuel your golf cart.

The fact is, lithium batteries provide about twice as much energy density per pound compared to a lead-acid battery. That means that your lithium battery will last much longer and will cost you less money.

When you use lead-acid batteries, you constantly have to worry about replacing them. When you use lithium batteries, you won’t have to replace your battery nearly as often. You won’t have to stock up on tons of batteries or go to the store all the time when you replace your lead-acid battery with a lithium battery.

Overall, when you switch to lithium batteries, you can significantly reduce the amount of money that you spend on batteries. This means you have more money to spend on the things that matter.

The difference doesn’t end with costs. Lithium batteries are often much more durable. It’s very easy to break a lead-acid battery but much harder to break a lithium one. Many people accidentally break multiple lead-acid batteries, and end up a spending even more money. Avoid this problem by making the switch to lithium batteries in your golf cart.

Using lithium batteries is a no-brainer. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with your decision. You will never want to go back to lead-acid batteries.

Congrats! The Lithium batteries the you ordered have finally arrived at your door. You excitedly sign for the shipment and begin gleefully opening the boxes (like a kid on Christmas) to admire your new stuff. Then maybe you call your spouse or a friend with the news and afterwards visit your project and carry the boxes over to it and begin staging and positioning the battery system components. An hour or so later you notice there are no busbars to be found. Or maybe you are missing four cells. Stepping back, you notice one of the crates appears damaged and it missing a foot/leg. Or one or more of the cardboard boxes appear repaired or are visibly damaged in some way (tears, holes, crunched corners, etc.). This situation just occured today and prompted this article.

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